How to make a reservation?

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1. You can choose the accommodation unit which will best satisfy your desires and need using one of the offered search possibilities of our pages.

2. During the search, you can click on the "Favourites" button(Favourites) next to every unit which seems interesting to you. Clicking on this button, the chosen unit is saved into the virtual database (favorites) which contains only those units satisfying your criteria and is created by you.

3. Having formed your Favourites list, you can do a complete and detailed review of the chosen units by clicking on the "My favourites review" link. Reviewing the accommodation units in such a systematic and parallel way will help you a great deal in finding the accommodation unit best satisfying all your criteria.

4. Upon making the final selection, you are required to fill in the reservation form for the unit you are interested in. It is necessary that you fill in all the required information to make the processing of your request possible.

5. When the filled in reservation form is sent, an automatically generated calculation including all the items, respective costs and the amount to be paid for the reservation of the chosen accommodation unit will show up on your screen. At the end of the calculation you will have two options offered, the cancellation of the reservation or its confirmation.

6. If you decide to confirm the reservation, the filled in form will arrive to our Sales Department. Immediately upon the receipt of the reservation form, our staff will contact the owner of the chosen accommodation unit to check for the last time whether the accommodation unit status on Internet corresponds with the true state, ie. whether the reservation itself is possible to conclude. The final calculation is sent to your email address or via fax upon the approval of the received request. The calculation itself contains all the costs clearly stated, together with the amount you are to pay as a reservation confirmation. The payment will be made congruent to the payment method and dynamics published on our pages.

You do not need PayPal account to make payment, just email adress and any credit card! (Explanation in video 00:50-01:17 min).

7. To finally confirm the sent reservation application, it is necessary to make the reservation payment within 24 hours upon the receipt of the final calculation. If the guest does not pay within the given term, the result may be overbooking, which is not the agency's responsibility, but, nevertheless, the agency will offer the guest a replacement accommodation of the same quality.

8. Immediately upon making the payment the guest is to forward the confirmation to the agency via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). Having checked the payment, or the authorization of the guest's credit card, the agency will send the guest all the necessary information about the owner of the reserved unit and its address via email. A written confirmation of the reservation (voucher) will also be sent to the guest's home address. The voucher thus received is also the written proof of the paid accommodation for the summer vacations at the Adriatic coast.