Privacy statement serves us for protection of privacy of our users. You can look at pages for free, without any commitment of revealing your identity or leaving any kind of your private data. In case that you decide to use our services, it's necessary to leave us your personal data, so that we could complete your reservation and to lease asked service. Your personal data remains protected. We assure you that we are collecting only information that we need to complete our procedure of reservation of our service. In that process we are using only information that we receive directly from you.

Here we would like to try to explain our reasons for collecting information, the way of processing them and the level of protection of your personally identifiable information.

Collecting information about you 

  • Tourist agency "Salvus Projekt" collects information about your identity and the other personally identifiable information only in case that you decide to use the service from our offer after which you will have to pay advance for the service.
  • In case that you decide to leave your personal information in our "Guest book", your data will become public and other persons will be able to access the information you have left while signing our "Guest book". In that case, Salvus Projekt is not responsible for any misuse of your data.
  • When you visit Salvus Projekt site, our Web server automatically collects information about IP address of your computer, type of your browser, name of your domain, time of your access, Web page address from which you are coming from and all the information about the pages you have visit on our site. That data we use for running our statistics about the use of pages, so that we could improve the quality of our site. 
    We are pointing out that our Web server does not collect your E-mail address or any other information which could be personally identifiable.
  • When you visit our pages you can complete our survey, which we are using to develop design of our pages using your answers. Completing surveys is optional, so you are completing them with your free will. You don't have to answer the asked questions, and all the data you have left is remaining secret. Only when we want to analyze our survey we are giving group results of survey to the third parties.
  • Occasionally we organize games and contests on our Web pages. Their rules are available on our site while the game or contest is on. When you are signing-in for the contest, you are automatically agreeing with published rules of that contest. We want to point out that one of the rules of the games or contests is a publication of the name of the winner, even without asking for her or his permission.

Use of collected information

We use your personal information:

  • to start the process of reservation of the service you want, so that we are able to send you our preliminary calculation, after which you will pay the advance.
  • to send you on your home address all the relevant material and information about selected service (direction how to reach your destination, voucher...).
  • to pass your personal data to a person who will give you directly the service for which you have made a reservation, even before consumption of the selected service. Through that direct contact you will be able to solve all dilemmas or misunderstandings that you have about the service in the best possible way.
  • to inform you occasionally about changes in our offer, special rates, upgraded information...and to provide you with all the information about the growth of our site.

We are not going to use collected information for purposes that are not mentioned in this statement. Your personal data, travel agency "Salvus Projekt" does not sell, trade, rent or give to third parties, unless it's necessary for the procedure of the realization of selected service.

In case that you don't want to receive information about changes on our pages, announcements about our offer or other promotional information, don't hesitate to inform us about that. After we receive your notice, your name will be soon removed from our list.

Tourist agency "Salvus Projekt" can reveal personal information only in case when court decide that, or in the case that there is need to protect rights or property of our web pages, or the need to protect personal safety of our users or public.

Security of collected information

Salvus Projekt gives a great importance to this statement and we think that credibility of our business depends on the fact how much the agency activity is in accordance with this statement. Therefore, Salvus Projekt, specially cares that collected information about the user are safe and protected from loss, changes, unauthorized access or any kind of misuse. Filing in questionnaires, surveys, mail forms, requests for highly protected process.

Our computer system use programs which could recognize every unauthorized access to your data, after which they react quickly. Our Web server is highly protected from unauthorized access (physical or electronic). Your data is stored in password-controlled servers with limited access.

How are we going to contact you?

Standard reservation procedure of the service from our offer, together with all the questions or problems regarding selected service will be solved through the contact information you gave us ( E-mail, telephone or fax).

Use of cookies 

Cookie is a text file that is placed on your hard disk by a web browser, after you visit our pages for the first time. Cookie provides faster reading of already visited sites. Cookie does not contain any personal information, but it helps us to provide you special services while you are on Web.

The main advantage of cookies is saving time and easier access to the site. The purpose of a cookie is to tell the Web browser that you have returned to a specific page. Statistical information about the visit of the certain information are created using cookies, therefore they are important in recognizing users wishes and determination of the development of our offer and our site.

Cookie is an option that is offered by your Web browser. Most Web Browsers are adapted to accept cookies automatically, but if you want you can modify your browser settings to decline cookies.

Changing or deleting your personal data

The data you have once inscribe in our custom database in order to get your own Salvus Projekt ID, can be changed. Also, on your request we are obligatory to erase them.

Changes to the Statement

Privacy statement occasionally can be updated. When we update it, we are obligatory to change the date of the statement. In case that there are significant changes of this statement, we will announce that on our Web pages or we will send you the notice directly. We are recommending to our visitors and users to occasionally read this statement, so they could be more informed about their privacy protection.

We are consider that you are accepting this Privacy Statement when you are visiting our site or when you are using our services.